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13 reasons why you should watch 13 reasons why

For the 3 of you in the back that didn’t understand yet, we will talk about the TV show 13 reasons why. Let me tell you straight, there won’t be 13 reasons. So no top 13, no top 5, fuck, did you think I was a female beauty youtuber ? Ok, yeah, the title is kinda clickbait, then, sorry. But I need to pay my rent. Subscribe.
Rest assured, here, it’s Paris spoiler-free.

I should have wrote that thing a week ago, when I finished to watch the season 2, but I was too busy to read YoungMatka and Mona Champaign at work. IN-CRE-DI-BLE. If you have a few days some time to kill, go there from me. No, I haven’t been paid to say that, but I wouldn’t have minded.

I loved season 1. To the point that I binge watched the 13 episodes in one go. There’s not many TV shows that made m want to see what happens next to this point. The storytelling, the plot, the characters. Just amazing A lot of people find Hannah boring, but I don’t. I think you forgot the social pressure from when you were in middle or high school. Or maybe you were part of the cool kids and weren’t affected by it. I’m exaggerating, but I’m pretty sure all these thing happened to someone somewhere in the world (Let’s just hope it wasn’t the same person, fingers crossed for her).

So, season 2 came out recently. The main theme shifts, from suicide to bullying We get to know a bit more about the characters, and sometimes even discover a brand new side of them. All of this with the trial of the school in the back, which is a great idea to come back on the events from the first season. It’s kind of regrettable that the school is on the guilty side, but well, americans.

Is it still as good ? To be honest, no. But it remains a good season anyway. This is the kind of tv shows that are perfect for one season, to tell a story and make a buzz, but that can’t really work in the long run A but like Prison Break. The guys escaped from prison, but oh wait, it’s gonna last 4 more years (and a reboot 10 years later…). But don’t start me on Prison Break, it’s a subject to avoid.

I didn’t find it shocking (graphically) except for 2 scenes of season 1, the rape and the suicide. I admit, I felt bad on my couch on the last one and had to look away and wait for it to finish. But when I see people get offended, forbid the show to teens less than 16 years old, forbid them to talk about it in school, I find that serious and distressing. Instead of making it a taboo subject, they should have taken the matter seriously, talk about it, explain that suicide is not the solution, and that bullying can destroy lives.

After the audio tapes, the polaroids. Wait, I’m checking… No, no, we’re still in 2018. Season 3, they stand out the Super-8 camera ? Yeah, because there’s a season 3 planned. Please, no… It’s not gonna end up like Lost… Let’s avoid Lost as well, same fight.

I’m gonna take the opportunity to make a personal message.
In this article, I explained that middle school was the worst time of my life because of bullying. I don’t keep great memories from that time. Don’t worry, there was no physical violence, only verbal. Jokes about my pointy ears, on my very very clear skin and hair, my ungrateful physique.

I never talked about it to anyone, my parents, my family, no one in school. Because at this age, you don’t understand how wrong this is. I’m still convinced that if I did, it would have brought more harm than good. Am I angry at my executioners ? Not really. Kids at this age are really dumb, and some a lot more than others.

But what I know for sure is that I will never let that happen to my nephews or future kids. I’ll make sure they won’t be victims on their turn, but more important, that they won’t become executioners. So if you have kids, don’t look away, do not tun a deaf ear, and talk about it with them. Even if it’s not an easy subject to handle. Thanks.

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