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More sex… Am I on YouPorn ?

Last week, Sacha, my second regular hookup (read about the first one here) was in need of a good fuck.
Again, who am I to refuse ? Always happy to please people. Don’t worry, there’s just these two at the moment, I vastly prefer quality and frequency over number of partners.

She’s a lot younger than me. No, not a minor, she is of age.
I had at the beginning of the year the possibility to fuck girls of 17 years old, but honestly, that’s not for me. I mean, I’m 34… I’ve set the limit to 18, because of legal reasons first, not a huge fan of prison, and also because I’m not that much attracted in very young girls. They lack experience and I’m not a big fan of deflowering them. I think the first time is important and should be done with someone meaningful, not just someone you met, fuck with, and never encounter again.

Back to Sacha, she’s 21, student in arts, and a bit tomboy. She still has a great body, and very nice boobs (did I mention I was team boobs ?). She’s also very shy but I think in this case, it is due to the age difference. I met her on Tinder at the beginning of the year. We see each other maybe once or twice a month, when the beast inside one of us wakes up.

Anyway, I arrived at her place (a 20 sqm student bedroom) and we start kissing and touching on her bed. She likes it a bit rough, me biting and pinching her nipples, slapping her on the ass, soft bondage. I don’t know if it’s the 50 shades effect, but I noticed that a lot of girls like that lately. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of it, but I don’t mind, as long as it remains gentle and doesn’t involve degrading stuff (like peeing or pooping on her).

After that foreplay, I enter her and start pounding. I’m gonna skip this part. No, it wasn’t boring, yes, we both enjoyed it, and no, I didn’t come after 20 seconds, but more 20 minutes (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating but at least 15 minutes). I’m exhausted, all sweaty and gasping for air, collapse on the bed still inside her, and fell asleep.
We talk for a while about our lifes, what happened since last time I came (to her place, not inside her, please, follow…). After a few minutes, I take the condom off, go to the bathroom to clean up and come back cuddling. I prefer to be the big spoon but I’m okay being the little one.

Aaaaand the ring bells. Between the thin walls, the creaking bed and her moans, I’m thinking first it’s a neighbor that comes either to complain, or to join (but we finished, sorry). I have to admit, for one second, that scared me because the idea that it could be her mom or dad runs though my head (even though they live 500km away). She gets up and start dressing up while I put on my underpants and cover myself with the sheets (which was useless since there’s a door separating the entrance from the room. But you never know, so always be prepared for anything).

She goes to open the door, I hear her talking for a few seconds, close it back and comes back in the room. Sacha comes back on the bed and told me that it was the caretaker of the building that came to drop a package that she left earlier in the entrance. I then tell her that I actually crossed her when I entered the building half an hour before and said that she was really young and cute. She teased me saying « You wouldn’t have minded if she joined us ». Well, yeah, a threesome is one of my yet unrealized fantasy. But two girls and one guy, not the opposite. Now, I’m wondering if she really meant it or if it was just a joke. I’ll ask her next time. 😉
I’m also wondering now if she arrived there while we were still fucking and heard us but decided to wait before ringing the bell.

I’m ready to fuck again and I start tickling her to make her understand that I’m ready for the second round. But in the meantime, she took her laptop and started watching videos on YouPorn YouTube, and doesn’t react to my signs. I leave her alone, thinking she’ll join me after the video but she starts a new one, and a new one. I feel a bit weird. Maybe the girl dropping the package throw her off and she’s not in the mood anymore ?

I’m still half naked, and start wondering if I should go. I mean, I strongly prefer be in my place than hers, more space, my cats, and the feeling of being « home ». But usually, I’m staying for the night for morning sex (and the next day was a holiday in France) because I love morning sex, but seeing her not even paying attention to me made me a bit angry, so I asked her if anything was wrong. She answered me that no, everything was fine. But you know how girls are, sometimes no means no but sometimes, no means 100 different things from yes to no passing by « maybe » and « I don’t want to talk about it ».

In the end, I decided to leave. I told her, then got up from the bed, starting putting back my pants and shirt. For one second, I was wondering if she was going to stay there or get away from the computer to accompany me to her door. Which she finally did. The travel back was weird, I’ve asked myself why she did that. The next day, I explained her why I left and asked her if something was wrong, if she was mad or something. But apparently no. She was absorbed by her video and didn’t realized I was ready to fuck her again, even though I was very obvious. Young people, always taped on their screens… 🤔

PS: Yes, I prefer YouPorn over PornHub and co. So what ?

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