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Relationship status: Waiting for Kate Mara

I’m single. And totally fine with it (for now). As said in the title, I’m just waiting for Kate Mara to become available again.

But let’s go back in time. I took interest in girls very late. Actually, no, I took interest in girls at maybe 15, just like any normal teenager. The problem is that the interest was not mutual. I can’t blame them though. I had the ears of an elf, more zits on the face than a calculator has buttons, and double triple focus glasses. The 15 years old you wouldn’t want to make out with me. Add to that being skinny and shy, you have a winner.

The first time I kissed a girl (and I liked it), I was 22. Yes, that’s very late. I was concentrating on my education, at least that’s what I said to my parents. A week and a half later, I was not a virgin anymore. It could have been an hour later if I wanted, but I was a gentleman at this time, and I felt it was abusing her kindness. Ok, I admit, she had more experience (of course, she was also 22, not 13… 😉) and I was a bit scared. I had to wait 2 weeks because the morning after our  first date, she was going back to her parents 500 kilometers away, but then decided to come back after a week and a half, because of me and my penis.

And she became my first gilfriend. I met her online (God bless the internet). We ended up staying about 2 years together. I’m not gonna give too much details, i’ll probably do detailed posts about my meaningful relationships. (Spoiler alert, there weren’t too many)

12 years (and a few relationships) later, and here we are. Still shy as fuck. And that’s a problem. I can’t go and ask a girl out in a public place. I just can’t do it (even if it’s Kate). Again, thank god the internet and dating apps. I probably tried all of them at some point, and I’m still using quite a lot (like 10. No, I didn’t write in binary). The only thing I won’t do is pay money. Not because I’m greedy (I tried it once), but because I think they are (most of the time) very expensive, not worth the money, and I refuse to pay anymore for love (Or sex. But don’t twist my words, never in my life have I paid for sex, and never will I). Ok, maybe I’m greedy too. Maybe.

I’m seeing a few people casually right now. Yes, that means sexfriends/regular hookups (but I always treat them with the respect they deserve). I’ll talk about them too, later. I’m at a time of my life where I want to enjoy myself (again, sexually) without the cons (but don’t get me wrong, there are pros too) of a steady relationship. It has been like that for around the last 2 years of my life and it’s been fine. I know that I’ll settle down with someone one day, but I haven’t found that person yet (Actually, I did. Long story. 😢). Well, I hope I’ll find her one day, preferably while I’m awake (and alive).

If you think you’re the right person for me and want to apply, just lea… Nevermind, that won’t work.

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