Spoiler alert: It’s about sex

About 2 weeks ago, I received a text on whatsapp in the middle of the afternoon.
Just from the name, Sarah, I knew exactly what would be next. Actually, no I wasn’t sure. But I hoped very strongly.

Hi… How are you ?
Hey. Good and you ?
Well… yes… I’m fine…
Hum, well, I was wondering if you were still interested in « meeting » ?
You know I’ll never say no to you 😉

Well, I guess you understand what she meant. Unless you didn’t read the title…
I was in the bus when I received that. I looked probably like the dumbest guy on earth, smiling in front of my phone.

Let’s rewind a bit.
I met Sarah on a dating app, Once, almost 2 years ago. At that time, I was looking for a girlfriend. We started dating, but after maybe a month, she broke it up because she wasn’t in love with me. But we had a lot of physical attraction, and she felt amazing from what I would do to her. The relationships transformed into sexfriends, and we met regularly for almost a year.
Then, she decided to stop seeing me because of another guy she was interested in but it didn’t work in the end. But she felt that our « encounters » were distracting her from finding love, because her sexual needs (and mine too) were obviously fulfilled, so she didn’t want to get back to our old habits. From sexfriends, we became then friends.

Until this day. And so she was back.
She explained me that she missed me touching her. That she was really horny and almost alone at work, and trying to resist not touching herself. And that she wanted me to come to her place in the evening. I don’t need to tell you what my answer was.
Yes, I got hard very fast. (I should emphasize at this point that I’m still in the bus. Not great, but I’ll manage.)
Especially when she asked me where I wanted to touch her and what I was planning to do to her.
I told her. Not sure if I should give details… Probably not, at least for now. Ok, just a hint. I like to receive, but I like even more to give. What can I say, I’m generous. 😚

She’s the same age as me, 1m60, brunette, with glasses, and amazing boobs. Yes, I’m a boobs person. But she has a nice ass too, you know…
She’s very shy, always excusing herself from saying something or doing something, or not doing something. I don’t really like that, but I still think it’s cute.

Back home, I was ready to enter the shower when I received more texts that, this time, I didn’t hope.
She was starting to question if this was a good idea, that she was stressed about it and that she might regret afterwards.
And finally, saying that she felt like a slut. Trust me girl, you’re not. Plenty of girls have sexfriends, hookups (regular or not), booty calls. Just because no one screams it out loud doesn’t mean they don’t.
So I had to comfort her (I’m so nice, right ? 😉) and she finally decided to go for it.

I arrived at her place at 8 pm. We sat on her couch, started kissing and touching, clothes started to fall on the floor or fly through the room.
And I’m stopping there, because I want to remain « all audience ». 😋
Let’s just say that both parties ended satisfied, and more than once. 😎

I went back home around midnight, very happy and hoping it was not a « one time thing ».
Which she confirmed the day after with an innocent « If you want, we can do it again. 😇😇😇 »
It should have happened 2 days later. But we had to postpone because life got in the way.
But I can’t wait to $*è!à@é&#… Sorry, I lost my words. Well, hum, see her again. (soon…)

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