it's a match

It’s a match, week 1

“It’s a match”, a sentence that became famous these last years… After having recently read the experiences of a french blogger on the apps/dating sites, I realized that most guys really suck in terms of flirting 2.0. Some of them really killed respect. I don’t pretend to be Will Smith in Hitch, but I feel like…

psychologist my life

3615 My life

Today, I’m gonna talk a bit about my life. Yeah, sorry, no sex in this episode. At least, it’s not planned. I promise, soon. No, but please, stay ! In the meantime, you can go and read again this and this. If the article reaches 10 000 blue thumbs likes, I will show you a picture of…

sex feet

More sex… Am I on YouPorn ?

Last week, Sacha, my second regular hookup (read about the first one here) was in need of a good fuck. Again, who am I to refuse ? Always happy to please people. Don’t worry, there’s just these two at the moment, I vastly prefer quality and frequency over number of partners.

Evil Corp

My work at Evil Corp

Yes, like Elliot from Mr Robot, I “kinda” work at Evil Corp (but not the same kind of evil). No, I’m not talking about this blog, but of my daily job. I’m not gonna say “real” because blogger or social media manager are real jobs with real work to do and real money to make.…