it's a match

It’s a match, week 2

Let’s be honest, this was a really shitty week. 😔

Results of the week:
Nb of matches: 7
Nb of unmatches on my side: 3
Nb of unmatches on their side: 1
Nb of messages without answers after 3 days: 2

  • Rachel, 26 yo (Tinder): Lives in Hong-Kong… Never mind.
  • Cynthia, 33 yo (Once): Still waiting for an answer…
  • Slava, 28 yo (Bumble): Swedish (no, not the tall blonde stereotype). Sweden is not as far as Hong-Kong, but still, it’s far.
  • Nalah, 32 yo (Tinder): Hakuna Matata. Technically, she’s with Simba, but you never know, maybe. Ahah, this guy, such humor. The only one I had a bit of talking this week. Well, let’s say she’s the only where there has been more than 2 exchanges. But we’re not really a match on our expectations.
  • Sarah, 38 yo (Once): Another wind…
  • K, 27 yo (Tinder): Ok, there, I admit, it’s my fault. I liked her profile, when she actually wasn’t really appealing to me. It happens to me sometimes. It’s crazy, it’s been getting so mechanical to press the little green heart (yeah, swipe is has been) that I tell myself right after “But I actually didn’t like her”. If you read this, K, I’m sorry. I know I have a problem with that and I’m trying to cure myself. Maybe in the future, there will anonymous swipers meetings ? Because to some people, we can already consider dating apps as a drug. And I’m a part of it.
  • Miss X, 37 yo (Tinder): Her name is not Miss X, but I don’t remember her nickname. She did put a picture of Sophie Marceau (well, I think it was her young). I did point that fact at the beginning of the conversation, guessing that it was not her on the picture. Unmatch. I don’t really care. But rant incoming.

I can understand not to put picture of ourselves (Yes, I’m looking at you, landscapes, animals, snapchat filters, quotes, groups where you don’t know who you are talking to, etc.), or at least hide the face. Because you’re a bastard cheating your husband/wife, because professionnally, it would be bad to be recognized, because you don’t own it. And for this last excuse, it’s kinda bullshit because it became quite normal to be on a dating app. I said I can understand, not that I found it nice (and yet, I accept these people, I’m not shutting down the discussion, and you can always send a picture later).

But put a picture of someone else, and fol the person to make believe you are someone you aren’t, what the fuck ? I don’t get it..
If you don’t like yourself, I think it’s urgent for you to delete all these apps, and start coming accept yourself as you are. Because not only you’re losing the time of the person in front of you, but more important, you take the risk to take more in the face if you end up meeting the person, and you’ll end up hating yourself even more.
Rant over.

Regarding Marie from last week, well… no news…
I’m gonna do the very naive guy, thinking that she’s really busy with her work, her friends, and her daily life.
But, in reality, she probably found a guy more interesting, cuter, richer, closer, smarter, funnier. I let you strike the wrong answers. Or maybe not if she found Stromae.
Do I look bitter ? Honestly, no, I’m used to it now. It’s kinda sad to say it.
Edit: Actually, I do had news, Saturday. She was busy. I’m such a bad tongue.

See you next week ! 😘

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