it's a match

It’s a match, week 3

Week 3. Dear diary, I don’t understand these apps. I feel like I’m talking alone… I see dead people.

Weeks go by and looks the same… 😪


Matches: 12
Unmatches on my side: 0
Unmatches on their side: 4
Messages without answers after 3 days: 2

In details

  • Pascale, 32 yo (Tinder) : It’s kinda cold here, no ? I think I will close the window…
  • Another Miss X, unknown age (Tinder) : Match, Unmatch, packed, it’s weighed.
  • Mary, 39 yo (Happn) : 2 messages and then nothing.
  • Lucy, 30 yo (Bumble) : Doesn’t know what she wants, but anyway, it won’t be with me. Unmatch.
  • Lau, 34 yo (Tinder) : Nothing to say, at least for now. It’s a bit slow and a boat talk, but we’ll see. Spectacular turn of events, she’s Belgian. Fuck. Come on, I’m joking…
  • Chester, 36 yo (Tinder): Answered and removed me instantly, I couldn’t even read the message. I do like the TV show Flash, but I’m not as fast as he is. Probably a distance issue ? (100km)
  • Cecile, 25 yo (Tinder) : She’s on Tinder “by curiosity”. Personally, I’ve never understood that. Therefore, I’m starting from the principle that’s she’s looking to fuck but doesn’t assume, is looking for a boyfriend but doesn’t assume (evolve, it’s 2018, everyone is on it) or, there is something shady. In the end, it’s a mix of 1) and 3). Her boyfriend is abroad since 8 months, and it doesn’t work with the distance. So they let each other see other people and they’ll see when he’ll come back. I’m totally fine with it. But after me, She’ll never want to go back to him. The problem, once again, is that she disappeared, like many others. No, seriously, I will open a missing person website, I’m gonna make a fortune. Or, there is a serial killer raging throughout France that kills all my matches, the Tinder killer. Hell, this is a great TV show idea, I’m calling Netflix tomorrow (because today is Sunday). Hey, no, That’s my idea, don’t touch it. I thought about it first.
  • Mar, 32 yo (Tinder) : I would have already fallen in love if she wasn’t Mexican and there for only 2 weeks (a wedding, but not hers, and then she’s gonna visit France a bit). No, I have nothing against Mexican people, stop, it’s just that she’s going back after. Well, I still asked her if she wanted to meet for a drink, you never know. 😏 Pff, she doesn’t have time. A brunch, and then the Mexico – Germany game ? Really,  what about watching football on TV too ?
  • Jo, 37 yo (Bumble) : So, no, not the gipsy Jo Lopez (there, there, and there, but, no, don’t make me eat my dead please). I’ma already falling in love even though she’s old. The problem ? After the first message, nothing… Until this morning. “Not connected very often”. I’m not asking you to answer in the minute, but maybe in the hours, or the day ? If it’s to send one message per week, we’ll meet in 2020… But well, I like her, so I’ll wait patiently…
  • Diana, 33 yo (Bumble) : A little bee without message is a bee that disappears automatically…
  • Dana, 30 yo (Tinder) : She’s German. So, ja, ich spreche Deutsch ein bißchen but I’m asking her if we could maybe talk in English anyway ? Well, not for now, but I’m not losing hope.
  • Edytha, 32 yo (Happn):  Match, Unmatch. It makes a little more, I put it to you anyway ?

The rant of the week

I think am french, therefore I am bitch. Yeah, every week, I’ll make a little rant.

Marie… I’m giving up with people that don’t answer. Last Saturday (May 9th), at 19h00, she asks me “what’s up this week end ?” I guess that she would be available to meet. The problem is that I already planned to go to Sarah’s place in the evening. Don’t laugh, but my penis didn’t even entered her vagina. Well, we still did stuff naked, but we mostly talked. Yeah, I’m like that. But I’m deviating from the subject. I answer her that I’m going to see a girl friend, which she takes a bit bad. Huh, I’m still doing what I want, we’re not together, last I heard. Once back, at around midnight, I’m picking up on the conversation:

Yeah, I had something planned on a Saturday evening. It’s rare, but it happens. I said “If I knew”, but actually, I kinda lied, because even if I really knew, I still wouldn’t have cancelled something I planned days earlier. If you really wanted to see me, you could have planned before, no ? But anyway, “good night”. Note that even at 00h30, I would have go there. Since then, no real answer. “Yes, I still want to meet you, but I’m very busy”. If you’re that busy in your life, don’t go and make it more complicated with a guy…

We’re all busy. Just, when you really want something, you find time. You plan it early, you make time for the thing, in your life (on the front) so full. Moreover, I offered already to go to her myself, she just had to tell me when she was available and I would make myself available (because, yes, in my life, I have plenty of time available and I don’t hide it). But no. So I won’t make more efforts.

I’m starting from the principle that after 3 propositions to see each other, I’ve done my work and if the other person in front of me doesn’t put of his, and doesn’t make any proposal, then I let go. I have time to lose, but I’m not here to fuck flies repeat to you how much you are beautiful, smart, that I want to see you, just to boost your ego. If you want to see me, it will happen generally fast on my side, otherwise, I’m moving on.

No, but seriously, am I the problem ? Sometimes, I’m wondering… 🤔 (Be honest. But don’t say yes, be nice with my little heart. Yes, I like contradictions, SO WHAT ??)
See you next week ! 😘

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