EFS #MissingType pouvoir lettres

The power of letters A, B and O

S_me letters h_ve m_re p_wer th_n _thers. P__r Z.
There’s _ h_sht_g th_t p_pped _n Twitter this week (#MissingType), _nd I w_nted t_ t_lk ___ut it.
D_n’t t_uch y_u televisi_n screen, there’s n_thing wr_ng with it. N_, we’re n_t pl_ying _ g_me _f h_ngm_n either.

The EFS is _rg_nizing f_r the sec_nd ye_r in _ r_w the _per_ti_n #MissingType, in _rder t_ enc_ur_ge pe_ple t_ give their _l__d, _nd incident_lly, s_ve lives.

It’s _een 2 ye_rs n_w th_t I give my _l__d every 2 m_nths. I even regret n_t st_rted t_ d_ it _ef_re, _ec_use it’s _een _ very l_ng time I w_nted t_. Well, _ll th_t t_ s_y th_t it’s never t__ l_te t_ st_rt.

If I h_d _nly _n _rgument t_ try t_ c_nvince y_u, I w_uld just s_y this: If _ne d_y, y_u _r _ne _f y_u rel_tives h_d _n _ccident, _ c_ncer, _ dise_se, h_w w_uld y_u re_ct if y_u were t_ld they c_uldn’t s_ve them _ec_use _f _ _l__d sh_rt_ge ? Me, quite __d. _ut I sh_uldn’t even h_ve t_ c_nvince _f the usefulness _f the gesture, sh_uld I ?

The first time, I w_s _ _it stressed _ut, I didn’t e_t _nything in the m_rning, well I did n_thing like I sh_uld h_ve. I felt dizzy _nce lied d_wn _n the ch_ir, _nd they _ffered me t_ st_p right there. I still w_nted t_ c_ntinue, _ec_use I’m _ str_ng m_n it w_s imp_rt_nt t_ me since _ l_ng time. if I h_d st_pped there, they c_uldn’t h_ve used it _ec_use the _l__d __g w_sn’t filled en_ugh (y_u need _ minimum t_ _e used).

P_ssed th_t first sc_ry time, it g_es like d_ddy in mummy _ letter t_ the p_st _ffice. It’s f_st, p_inless (_ne puncture…), _nd with_ut c_nsequences f_r y_ur __dy (the _l__d t_ken is repl_ced in the 10 f_ll_wing d_ys _y y_ur __dy). __vi_usly, d_n’t pl_n t_ run _ m_r_th_n (_r m_ke _ _ig hug ?) in the f_ll_wing h_urs…

Well, it h_ppens th_t I’ve _een f_r_idden t_ give mine recently _ec_use _f my hem_gl__in level th_t is t__ l_w. I’m _n f_rced rest, _ut I’ll st_rt _g_in _s s__n _s I c_n. _nd I h_pe I c_nvinced even _nly _ne pers_n t_ d_ it, th_t w_uld _e _lre_dy _ win.

A+ (_h_h ye_h, I will le_ve this _ne)

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