wrong hole mauvais trou

Wrong hole !!! Huh, maybe not.

Yeah, yeah, I am talking about that wrong hole. But calm down, like they say, patience is mother of virtue/wisdom( we can say both). Yeah, nice bullshit. We want sex, sex, sex. Right now. To relieve some pressure, I don’t know, huh, well, yeah, go see, huh, this.

I saw Sarah later than I wanted planned.
Do you remember that she innocently told me “If you want, we can do it again”. It did not fall in a deaf ear. It is with absolutely no back thought that I sent her messages the whole week later, being careful not to say anything that could make her want me to rip off her clothes right now. What do you mean, not credible ?

Anyway, I didn’t succeed. For the good and simple reason that she was leaving on vacation. What ! No, but that’s a shock to me when you tell me you prefer go on vacations instead of having sexual intercourse with me. I really took it hard…

And really, who goes to vacation in may, what the fuck ? I would like to go on vacation too, damn ! I am told in the earplug that I have the necessary funds to make 3 world tours and have 31 says of vacation left before the end of the year. Huh, yeah, but I don’t like to go alone. And who would take care of my cats ? Who wants to come feed them and clean the litter box ?

During the whole week, she never stopped teasing me. Telling me that she wants me to take her on the beach, put her hand in my underwear, sending me pictures of her in bikinis, tell m that her and her roommate were on fire and touching each other while waiting for me (ok, she was, but I admit, I might have dreamed about the roommate). I couldn’t hold it anymore.

She came back on Saturday, so we planned for me to come to her place on Sunday at 19h00. Sunday came, and I thought that it was dumb to wait for 19h00, and offered to come before. She agreed and told me 17h00. And a few minutes later, 16h00. At 13h43, while I was quietly playing League of Legends with my friends over the world internet, I receive a picture. Her cleavage with “I’m waiting 😅” as legend. I dont understand what happened, but my internet connection suddenly dropped… In the minute, I was in my car already…

I arrive at he place, we are getting comfortable (meaning, naked), and we start making little hugs. And then bug hugs. After maybe 30 minutes, I couldn’t continue and was so tired (Truthfully, maybe it was barely 5 minutes, but I was under the impression that it was a long time. I should look at the clock, one day). So I get behind her, both lying down on the side, and we pick up slowly.

And after a few minutes, she pushes me back out  of her, and takes the condom off (we always fuck with condoms because she’s not on the pill). In my head, I’m like what ? Little parenthesis, always use condoms, we’ll never repeat this enough. And she pulls me back to her, in a way to tell me to come back in and guides me with her hand. And there, still in my head, I’m like “Hey, wrong hole !”. She doesn’t react. “That little slut, that’s what she wanted huh huh” (she doesn’t like that usually. Let’s say that I don’t have anything against, but if we don’t do it, I’m not gonna make a fuss like a kid who didn’t get his toy).

I’m going slow because I’m not a savage. So everything goes well until nothing goes well anymore. Of course, without condom, with the friction, it does some effect on me. I barely had the time to get out that I was cumming already. And it’s at that time that you should raise your arms that you can start laughing on me. I completely forgot where I was, and panicked in mode “Fuck, I had no condom and just came inside her”. I told her and she laughed at my nose saying “You are aware I can’t get pregnant through that hole, right ?”. And there, I remembered. You should have seen my face. Yeah, well, I forgot, what can i say.

Was I ashamed ? Yes. I ran crying in the bathroom.
Did it prevent us to copulate again and again after ? HELL NO.

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